Guitar Accessories You Should Have

Here are some important guitar accessories every one should have and why:


1. Tuner-

  • It is extremely important to be able to keep the guitar in tune.  For your sake and everyone one that has to listen to you practice, buy yourself a tuner!  I always recommend the Snark Clip On Chromatic Tuner to all my students because its really cheap and does a nice job!

2. Guitar Picks-

  • They come in all sizes and shapes.  They disappear like socks in your dryer so get a handful of different thicknesses.  The thinner ones are easier to hold the thicker ones give a thicker sound.  Here’s a Variety Pack of the picks I use.  It has one of each thickness.  Start off with the thinner ones first.

3. Guitar Strap-

  • Unless you are going to study classical guitar, every one should buy and use a guitar strap at all times.  Proper positioning is the key to success as a beginner.   Learning the guitar can be a bit ricky at first and the last thing a beginner needs is to be struggling with how to hold a guitar properly.  Here is the best low cost strap out there Levy’s Poly Guitar Strap.  Make sure your guitar has 2 strap buttons!  Electric guitars always do but acoustics most often have only one or none.  They are very cheap to have put in and most guitar shops have someone on site that can do it for you.

4. Music Stand-

  • Posture is extremely important for beginner guitarist especially.  It is extremely helpful, when practicing, to have a music stand that puts your music close to you and at a comfortable angle for reading.  I prefer ones that can fold up.  This is the one I use.  On Stage Foldable Music Stand.  You can buy the really cheap wire fold up ones if you want but I don’t recommend them because they well… they suck!  They’re a waste of money.  They tip over with heavier books and are to open to hold single pages.  They’ll have a tendency to blow off if there are any over head fans or A/C ducts near by.
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