This section contains all the lessons that deal with guitar chords from easy to advanced!

  1.  What is a Chord?
  2.  How To Read Guitar Chord Diagrams
  3.  Your First Chord
  4.  Easy Guitar Chords
  5.  Easy Guitar Chords 2
  6.  Easy Guitar Chords 3
  7. Easy Guitar Chords 4
  8. Switching Between Guitar Chords-Part I
  9. Switching Between Guitar Chords-Part II
  10. How to Play Power Chords on the Guitar
  11. Beginner Chord Inversions For Guitar
  12. Drop 2 Style Chords
  13. Spread Style Chords


Chord Sheets

These are print outs for learning and building your chord vocabulary.  They are categorized by their inversion.  There are thousands of ways to voice chords.  I only post the chord voicings that  I use or think are useable.

Root Position Chords:
  1. Basic Beginner Chords
  2. Open Position – Major
  3. Open Position – Minor
  4. Open Positon – Sus4 & add4
  5. Open Postion – Sus2/2/ add9
  6. Open Position – Diminished & Augmented
  7. Basic Barre Chords
  8. Root Position 7th Chords


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