This page contains everything you need to know about learning, practicing and using your scales and arpeggios.

Guitar Scale Lessons:

  1. The CAGED Guitar Method Part I
  2. The CAGED Guitar Method Part II
  3. The CAGED Guitar Method Part III – Minor Forms
  4. How To Practice Scales – Part 1
  5. Major Pentatonic Scale Forms
  6. Minor Pentatonic Scale Forms
  7. Minor Blues Scale Forms
  8. Major Blues Scale Forms
  9. Half Diminished Pentatonic Scale Forms
  10. Major/Ionian Scale Forms
  11. Mixolydian Scale Forms
  12. Lydian Scale Forms
  13. Dorian Scale Forms
  14. Aeolian Scale Forms – a.k.a. Natural or Relative Minor
  15. Phrygian Scale Forms
  16. Locrian Scale Forms
  17. Diminished – coming soon!
  18. Whole Tone – coming soon!
  19. Melodic Minor – coming soon!
  20. Harmonic Minor – coming soon!


Guitar Scale Practice: 

  1. Major Pentatonic Scale Practice
  2. Minor Pentatonic Scale Practice
  3. Minor Blues Scale Practice
  4. Major Blues Scale Practice
  5. Half Diminished Pentatonic Scale Practice
  6. Half Diminished Scale Practice
  7. Major/Ionian Scale Practice
  8. Mixolydian Scale Practice
  9. Lydian Scale Practice
  10. Dorian Scale Practice
  11. Aeolian Scale Practice – a.k.a. Natural or Relative Minor
  12. Phrygian Scale Practice
  13. Locrian Scale Practice



  1. CAGED Major Triad Arpeggio Forms
  2. CAGED Minor Triad Arpeggio Forms
  3. CAGED Diminished Triad Arpeggio Forms
  4. Arpeggios for 3 Per String Scales


Arpeggios Practice: 

  1. CAGED Major Triad Arpeggio Form Practice

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