The Basics


First Things First:  This is information people should know before they even have their first lesson on the guitar.  It is also good for people who are even just thinking of learning the guitar.  I highly recommend that you read thru the first 5 or 6 blogs below.  It can be a bummer to get all worked up for  your first lesson only find out you bought the wrong stuff and have to bring it back.

  1. Blog: The Many Benefits of Learning a Musical  Instrument
  2. Blog: Buying Your First Guitar
  3. Blog: Guitar Accessories You Should Have
  4. Blog: How Much Should I Practice The Guitar
  5. Blog: What Kind of Guitar Picks Should I Use
  6. Blog: How To Practice And Learn A Song
  7. Blog: Advanced Left Hand Positions 
  8. Blog: Why Should I Learn How To Read Music?
  9. Blog: How To Practice Scales – Part 1
  10. Blog: Why Should I Learn How To Play By Ear?
  11. Blog: Why Should I Learn Music Theory?

The Guitar Basics:  These lessons on this page start from scratch and progress in order the way I would teach an absolute beginner student.

  1. Labeled Parts Of The Acoustic Guitar
  2. Labeled Parts Of The Electric Guitar
  3. How To Hold A Guitar The Right Way
  4. Left (Fretting) Hand Position
  5. How To Hold A Guitar Pick
  6. The Guitar Fretboard
  7. Open Or First Position On The Guitar
  8. How To Read Guitar TABS
  9. Your 1st TAB Song
  10. How To Read Guitar Chord Diagrams
  11. How to Find Any Note On The Guitar
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2 comments on “The Basics
  1. Eric Swanson says:

    Just went through all of these to force myself to review the basics and ensure I didn’t miss anything from learning on my own through books. Learned the importance of a strap, practicing multiple times a day, always slowing down and striving for consistent quality, and a few other goodies. Basics are always good.

    • Admin says:

      Every now and then it’s good to review the basics. Depending on ones level that may mean different things to different players. Sometimes it’s just going back to something you thought you had down but realize there’s still more you can do with it.

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